About Us


ST&T has provided its clients with clinical and regulatory consulting & research services for thirty years. Being in this industry for so many years, we have adapted our services to meet our clients' needs. In doing so, we expanded and enhanced our services over the years. Great efforts have been taken to ensure that we are your one-stop research and compliance service solution.

ST&T is unmatched in its expertise and resources and our ability to be responsive to your objectives and needs.

We have also recruited the the experience and expertise necessary to help you create and package effective and safe products, properly label your products, obtain governmental approval, and if necessary, intercede with legal, political bodies with scientific support to help resolve US and/or foreign regulatory issues.

Utilizing our research expertise, we are also able to assist in the research of your US competition and the US consumers to help you determine the receptiveness of your targeted consumers to your products.

Areas Of Specialization

  • US FDA, FTC, EPA & DSHEA Labeling Compliance
  • S, Canadian, EU & Asia Regulatory Compliance
  • US Local Agent Services
  • US & Canada Drug/OTC
  • Dietary Supplement Product Development
  • Post Market Research
  • Medical/Legal Review & Expert Witness Consultation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Seminar & Training Workshops