Clinical Trials Services


Science, Toxicology & Technology, Inc. (ST&T) Pre-Clinical & Clinical Research & Product Development

More than 20 years of serving Clients in North America and Abroad

Since 1982, we have been assisting Clients investigate new drugs, foods, devices, cosmetics and supplements. Our Clinical Trials Division (CTD) provides comprehensive services for assembling, managing, monitoring and reporting, from Pre-Clinical toxicity research to Phase I – IV clinical studies run from our own clinics or in conjunction with some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. With colleagues stationed world-wide, we are able to initiate and manage multi-center studies in the markets which you later plan to sell your products.

Our depth of expertise includes anti-viral cold/flue medications, immune enhancing compounds, dermatology applications (see list below) and PK absorption studies. Our centers offer a unique environment to volunteers that helps them feel welcome, respected and part of a valuable health and wellness research program. Our recruitment and subject compliance exceeds the industry standard.

Though ST&T Pre Clinical & Clinical Research operations work hand-in-hand with the most prestigious academic institutions, it is a independent organization which is able to offer the highest quality research and data collection at the most competitive prices, and in a time efficient manner. Our Clients save tens of thousands, often hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding the typical academic institutional indirect costs.

ST&T is one of the leaders in toxicology, pharmacology, biochemical, and environmental research. Its consulting partners are renowned in their respective fields of medicine and science, and have either been previously employed, or consulted by the US and/or State FDA, and/or foreign regulators on matters regarding safety and efficacy of products and devices, or Drug, Food, Cosmetic, and Supplement, GMP, QC/QA proposed standards.

ST&T is uniquely staffed so as to be able to scale to the project and offer quality research, data collection and analysis for larger multi-center trials (domestic and/or international), to the smallest of projects. i.e. 5-10 subjects. By scaling to meet the project requirements we stay efficient and competitive. (Delivering results quickly and the most competitive costs)

ST&T understands that it is often the case where it is important for a Client to have access to a reputable specialist who is willing to communicate the study findings to a scientific panel, a corporate board, investor group, retail customer, consumer group or media. Our Clinical staff is confident and secure in their accomplishments and are available for consultation, or to testify as to their findings, and/or participate in publications, presentations, and/or media releases regarding their work, or that of our colleagues as it may relate to your project.

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