Cosmetics Registration


With ST&T Research Intl acting as your FDA official correspondent, we will be responsible for the annual registration of the establishment and the device listing. ST&T will be also available to assist you with the labeling and Medical Devices Master Files.

1. Registration


FDA post-market reporting system for use by manufacturers, packers, and distributors of cosmetic products that are in commercial distribution in the United States.

  • Registering cosmetic manufacturing establishments
  • Filing Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statements
  • Amendments to an establishment registration / ingredient statement

California Safe Cosmetic Program

2. Labeling and ingredient review
  • Ingredient compliance design and revie
  • Label compliance design and review
  • Packaging compliance design and review
3. Certificate of registration
4. US Regulatory Agency

The US FDA & CUSTOMS (and most other importing countries) require that any domestic or foreign manufacturer and/or distributor who ships into/out of the country must have a local agent who can respond to FDA NDC filing/reporting, and Customs, legal and regulatory matters or questions which may arise concerning their products. ST&T has specialists who provide clients with these Regulatory Agent Services.

Acting as your U.S. Agent, your Company will be provided legal & science support for its efforts to market products in the USA.